D: How can I order from your website?

R: On our website you find a virtual shopping cart that allow you to visit our website selecting all the items of your interest. Every page contains the detailed description of each products and the option to add that item into the shopping cart. You can add all the items you want. During your visit you can check the list of the products added into the cart in every moment, clicking on the black icon on the right top of the page.

Once you are done and found all the products needed, you only have to check again the list, provide us the detail for the payment and simply check out. Just follow the simple instructions that we will give you, it will be easy!

Please pay attention to double check your personal information before proceed. 

D: Can I buy without creating a personal Account?

R: No, we are sorry. You have to be registered to buy from our website. Please register with the form in the LOGIN section.

D: I'm already a OMNIASUN customer: Can I register by myself on the website?

R: Dear customer, you can register on the website, but not by yourself. You have to contact our Account Department that will create a specific account for you with a termporary password. You can login with those datas, and then you will be able to modify your datas and freely visit the website.

To contact our Account Department see the CONTACTS section, or send mail to:



D: Do the prices include the transport costs?

R: It depends. 

If you are buying with CREDIT CARD, PAYPAL, BANK TRANSFER or COD (cash on delivery) = from 5 to 15 euro of shipment costs, depending on the type and quantity of the products bought.

Big carton boxes or heavy one will be calculated each time.

On some items sold directly to the end user (not a Company) and paid by CREDIT CARD or ADVANCED BANK TRANSFER, Omniasun may not apply the transport costs. Please check the costs applied into the SHIPMENT section into the shopping cart, before the final payment.

D: How many days will pass to have my order done?

R: OMNIASUN guarantees the shipments of the products within 48 hours from the acceptance of the order if the product is available on stock. In any case please refer to the availability indicated for each single product. Items with different availability in the same order will be sent out considering the arrival of the last item ordered.

D: Can I ask to have the products sent in another place, different from the one on the Invoice?

R: Yes. The procedure on the website during the order foresees this option: if you want us to send the products in another place, just fill the section during the order.

D: How can I pay the products ordered?

R: You can pay in different ways. Accepted payment methods are listed in the PAYMENT section.